The Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department maintains two facilities for fire department business.

Fire House

The Fire House was built in 1951 and expanded three times. Located in the center of Lakeville, it is the center of communications, operations, and the primary facility for fire equipment. The latest expansion, completed in 2002, added a two-truck bay, a radio room and a ready room (Roets Room).

The Lakeville Fire Department proudly dedicates the ready room to Dale Roets for his many years of service to the fire department.

Over the past several years we have undertaken a significant effort to "re-imagine" our facilities in order to improve our operational efficiency as well as set the stage for meeting the emergency response needs of our community for decades to come. Back in 2008/2009 we were able to simplify and reduce our fleet of fire trucks while simultaneously increasing our operational response classification (known as an "ISO rating"). This led to not only cost savings for taxpayers, but also enabled reductions in property insurance premiums for our entire community!

Modern fire departments are facing ever-increasing challenges in terms of finding enough space to house all the equipment and apparatus necessary to provide adequate emergency response services to a community. Many fire departments have addressed this challenge via expensive projects to build large additions to existing buildings, or even via building entirely new facilities. After careful consideration of the projected needs of our community for the foreseeable future, our Board of Fire Commissioners created a Strategic Plan to guide our planning for improvements. As part of this plan, the reduction in our fleet of vehicles enabled us to re-design and update our existing fire house layout to address current and future needs with a minimum of cost.

Over the past several years, our "capital improvement project" has completely modernized our facility to meet the evolving needs of our community. The final phase of improvements is scheduled for completion in 2015, which will enable us to continue servicing the needs of our community as efficiently as possible. Improvements to our fire house include: the addition of much-needed office space for the Chief, Line Officers and Commissioners; a dedicated fitness room to improve the health and physical fitness of our volunteers; a new social gathering/informal lounge area; and updates to the existing kitchen, restrooms, fire and medical supplies areas, meeting/conference room, radio/communications room and truck bays.

We are particularly proud to dedicate our social gathering/informal lounge area to Sherwood Hanna for his half-century (!) of service to the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department and our community. Mr. Hanna has served countless roles over his decades of service, including Chief and most recently Fire Commissioner. Officially known as "Sherwood's Forest," this new feature of the LVFD fire house has already become the "focal point" for personnel.

Training Grounds

The Training Grounds, built in 1971, is located up the street on Stone Hill Road. It is the training center for the fire department. The building is home to the Lakeville Benevolent Exempt Club as well as Bingo every Thursday night. The Training Grounds is also available for rent to the public for special occasions.