The Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department is organized into Active and Auxiliary members. Active members’ main focus is to respond to emergency calls, while Auxiliary members provide critical support in non-emergency roles and help maintain the administration, history and traditions of the Fire Department. Members who have demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment to the department, as well as the community, are recognized by being awarded Lifetime Membership.


Chief Kyle Whitford
1st Assistant Chief Dan Bugbee
2nd Assistant Chief Hal Fellows
Captain John Neglia
Lieutenant Jonathan Barrett
Lieutenant Brandon Schmitt
Lieutenant Dana Warner
Fire Police Captain Craig Nelson
EMS Captain Donald Thompson
Safety Officer Ed Sharpe
Safety Officer Hal Fellows


President Ed Sharpe
Vice President Chris Smith
Secretary Craig Nelson
Treasurer Leslie Sharpe
Bingo/Bell Jar Treasurer Cathy Mahar
Auxiliary Committee Chair Joyce Thompson
Steward Mary Ann Weaver
Director (through end of 2019) John Neglia
Director (through end of 2017) Dave Mahar
Director (through end of 2018) Kyle Whitford


Jonathan Barrett
Dan Bugbee
Robert Essler
Hal Fellows
Rick Flickner
Julie Guinta
Tom Guinta
Niles Hickey
Mathew Horcsog
John Illes
Darcy Joslyn
Geordie Klueber
Cathy Mahar
Dave Mahar
Ted Maier
Richard Marsland
Warren Marsland
Linda McGory
Tom McGory
Dan Miller
John Neglia
Cee Cee Nelson
Craig Nelson

Samantha Osborne
Gary Pease
Don Piampiano
Brandon Schmitt
Christina Schneider
Andy Serio
Ed Sharpe
Ken Sharpe
Leslie Sharpe
Laura Shepard
Chris Smith
Conor Spencer
Mark Temperato
Don Thompson
Joyce Thompson
Michael Thompson
Betty Vogt
Dana Warner
Mary Ann Weaver
Kyle Whitford
Rob Wilson



Larry D'Angelo
Mark Whitford
Sherwood Hanna